Hello friends first of all let me give you my introduction. My name is Shivam chand and I am from India working as a sole advisor in equity,commodity and currency market. Here i would like to share my knowledge of past 2 years in markets. I basically trade on BSE,NSE and MCX exchanges of India. I stopped trading the currency markets because of low volatility and higher brokerage and stamp duty charges imposed. I had blown my account when i started trading. It was a nightmare and i lost more because of brokerage and stamp duty rather than actual trading, so i left it there and started trading in commodity markets and equity. Those who wish to follow my advice specially novice traders are welcome. Its the matter of knowledge,experience and timing to be successful in day trading or swing trading. Now a days i am in love with the commodities because of there volatility and higher reward, you can try trading by yourself or follow me. I bet i will be the best advisor for you in equity and commodity